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    Our Congressional Climate Reports cover the House, Senate, and Federal Agency activity primarily within the domain of our advisory. This monthly report offers an inside look at what’s happening behind the scenes and what regulations and legislative initiatives are in the works as well as the players within this space. We have Q and A’s with Congress members that want our affiliated constituents to know they are working hard to bring forth meaningful legislation that makes sense for the goals of Citizens for Health supporters.


    We list legislation that is of critical importance and who are the sponsors and co-sponsors; what are the hooks in the bill, where are the challenges and why etc. A powerful component to our Congressional Climate Reports is that along with our unique insight; it will come with action steps to socialize a new bill on social media, support an office, send an email, contact your region’s elected officials, etc. We take you inside to see how the machine works, and you become part of a greater initiative and thus, part of the solution. It’s time to get off the sidelines. This is your chance to take part in a grassroots movement with full Federal and Congressional connectivity!


    Congressional Climate Reports vary in subject matter and will evolve in a manner that allows us the flexibility to consolidate as much meaningful information into each issue as possible. These reports will typically offer the following primary sections:


    House Members
    Senate Members
    Legislation to watch
    Members to Support
    Grassroots action steps
    Calendar of events
    Whitepaper links with Free Downloads
    Links to articles of interest
    And more


    Our professional reports are researched and written by Ph.D. experts and industry mavericks. Our unique material is written for stakeholders and comes complete with everything they need to utilize the information immediately for amendments, media, new legislation, hearings, briefings, and more. We include talking points, summary, complete doc in the Harvard citation style, and our citations are vetted with a critical eye so that they can be trusted by decision-makers for plug and play information utilization.


    Our mission is to offer our public-facing community a powerful conduit to government stakeholders to hear their voices and positions loud and clear. Our constituents will be heard. The message will be clear, concise, and packed with potency. We never stop working for you!


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    Address: Washington, DC 20024, USA
    Email: info@citizensforhealthinstitute.org


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